Board Members

Current Board Members 2018-2019

Co-President: Ines Boussebaa
Co-President: Jeffrey Chen
Director of Communications: Mei Butler
Co-Director of Events: Jia Guo

Co-Director of Events: Yue Wu

Director of Membership and Outreach: Anneliese Gallagher
ESP Liason: Felicia Horwitz
Co-Sustainability Manager: Haeun Kim
Co-Sustainability Manager: Iris Lau Castro
Treasurer: Manesha Sampath

Board Members 2017-2018

Co-President: Alicia Gorecki
Co-President: Nitasha Nair
Director of Communications: Scott Belding
Co-Director of Events: Kirsten Holland 

Co-Director of Events: Jaclyn Eng

Director of Membership and Outreach: Yixuan Ouyang
Co-Sustainability Manager: Grace Cushman
Co-Sustainability Manager: Anne-Louise Vernes
Treasurer: Lindsay Horne

Board Members 2016-2017

Co-President: Darcy Jones
Co-President: Mac Farrell
Director of Communications: Lindsay Cherry
Co-Director of Events: Lilian Dong (Spring) and Alicia Gorecki (Fall)

Co-Director of Events: Michele Riotta

Director of Membership and Outreach: Mrig Mehra
Co-Sustainability Manager: Angela Hartley
Co-Sustainability Manager: Astha Ummat
Treasurer: Manling Li

Board Members 2015-2016

Co-President: Yen Le
Co-President: Dan Louis
Director of Communications: Isaura Espinosa de los Monteros
Director of Communications: Will Jordan
Director of Events: Mona Sultan
Treasurer: Utsav Dhoj Adhikari
Director of Membership and Outreach: Chris Westling (Spring) and Darcy Jones (Fall)
Sustainability Manager: Sonya Suter
Deputy Sustainability Manager: Toby Hyde

Board Members 2014-2015

Co-President – Cait O’Donnell
Co-President – Lia Cairone
Director of Communications – Tianjian Gao
Director of Finance – Hamilton Foster
Director of Events – Alejandra Ucrós
Director of Career and Alumni Outreach – Siddharth Goel
Sustainability Manager – Angela LaSalle

Board Members 2013-2014

Co-President – Kate Offerdahl
Co-President – Jennifer Goode
Director of Communications – Lia Cairone
Director of Finance – Becky Zhang
Director of Events – Alejandra Ucrós
Director of Career and Alumni Outreach – Esther Lee

Board Members 2012-2013

President – Laura Sundblad
Vice President – Alex Fankuchen
Co-director of Sustainability – Kelsie DeFrancia
Co-director of Sustainability – Madeline Silva
Director of Communications – Lindsey Brickle
Director of Finance – Allison Lee
Ci3 Program Director – Hafsa Iqbal
Director of Events – Linus Ik-Pyo Hong
Director of Career and Alumni Outreach – Jingchao Wu

Board Members 2011-2012

Co-President – Seisei Tatebe-Goddu
Co-President – David Abrahamson
Co-Director of Events – Evan Cook
Co-Director of Events – Anja Gilbert
Director of Finance – Risa Edelman
Director of Communications – Sherry Goldberg
Directors of Sustainability – Kate Schoener
MPA-ESP Liaison –Caroline Fox
Associate Director of Communications- Jenna Tatum

Founding Board Members International Environmental Policy Association (IEPA) 2010-2011 

President – Frazer Lanier
Co-President – Soffia Alarcon
Treasurer – Madline Knaup
Communications and Training Academy Coordinator – Nithin Coca
Events Coordinator – Moneen Nasmith
Working Group Coordinator – Silvia Calderon
Director of Career Networking – Fabiano Silva

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