The School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) Environmental Coalition (ECO) is a graduate student and alumni organization dedicated to elevating the the most pressing global and local environmental policy challenges of our time. ECO raises awareness by offering skills-based trainings, hosting educational and social activities, and providing opportunities for advocacy through collaboration. Our goal is to spur action and engage the Columbia community in dialogues that highlight the linkages among our fields.


  1. Develop a community of practice for SIPA students interested in international environmental policy
  2. Foster a better understanding of and relationships with organizations that employ environmental policy students in NYC and beyond
  3. Enhance members’ skills and expertise in environmental policy through practical workshops
  4. Engage in environmental activism and advocacy on campus

What is ECO? ECO is a graduate student-led organization for SIPA students interested in environmental policy.

What does ECO do? ECO organizes environmental policy-related career and networking events, practical skills workshops, site visits, and social events.


  • Know an interesting SIPA alum or environmental expert outside of the NYC area? Help us plan an ECO Skypes event.
  • Follow us on Facebook & OrgSync & sign up for our newsletter for up-to-date info on our events.
  • Become a Board member. ECO Board elections will be held in early November.
  • Apply to our Sustainability team.

Questions? Ines Boussebaa (imb2131@columbia.edu) or Jeffrey Chen (jeffrey.s.chen@columbia.edu).


The Green Fund, an initiative led by Columbia Dining, Housing and University Event Management, provides support for student-led projects directed toward improving sustainability on campus. ECO was awarded funds for two project proposals by Columbia University’s Green Fund. These projects were carried out during Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. 

  1. Zero Waste Challenge Project — a waste reduction initiative in IAB
  2. Sustain-a-Bottle Project — a campaign to upgrade IAB water fountains with reusable water bottle filling stations.


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