ECO Newsletter: Week of October 9th, 2016

Hi everyone –

Above is Ken Bone, the winner of last night’s presidential debate. He wants an energy policy that meets our needs and is “at the same time environmentally friendly”, and so do we at ECO.

Also: Congratulations and Welcome to Darcy Jones, the new ECO Director of Partnerships & Memberships!

Here are this week’s events:


Strange Bedfellows: How the United States and China Found Common Purpose on Climate Change
This brown bag lunch talk will explore the drivers of climate rapprochement between the US and China, ask why they are finding common purpose now, and question how their fledgeling partnership will influence future global climate response efforts.

Moderated by Elizabeth Wishnick, Senior Research Scholar, Weatherhead East Asian Institute; Professor of Political Science, Montclair State University. Details. Facebook.

When: Tuesday, October 11th, 12-130pm
Where: IAB 918

What to Expect from Congress on US Climate Policy Post Election
The SIPA Environmental Coalition is pleased to host Professor Phil Sharp to discuss the future of US climate policy. Much focus of the November elections has been on the executive branch, but what do the elections mean for Congress and more specifically, how will the results impact climate policies and regulations?

Phil Sharp served 10 terms in US House of Representatives (D-IN) (and beat Mike Pence twice!). He has also served on several corporate, foundation, and NGO boards of directors and participated in many energy policy and climate policy commissions and studies including the National Research Council’s “America’s Climate Choices.” For the past decade, he was President of Resources for the Future, and in 2016, he was awarded the Secretary of Energy’s Schlesinger Medal for Energy Security. Facebook. RSVP by emailing Yen at ykl2107

When: Thursday, October 13th, 1-2pm
Where: CEGP

Support for Nature’s Risks and Returns Conference Oct. 25
This is a new conference hosted by EE on investing in Natural Capital. You can learn more information about the conference, buy tickets or sign up for the live stream at the website at


Become a youth facilitator at the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum!
The Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL) and its partners are looking for enthusiastic and engaging students and young professionals to be part of high-level discussions with the top leaders from different landscape sectors at the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum (GLF). The YIL unites young innovators to develop real-world solutions to land use challenges in partnership with organisations working on the ground.

Ideal candidates will have an understanding of the key issues along with a keen interest in developing their skills of facilitation, participatory approaches, networking and stakeholder engagement.

Selected applicants will receive a tailored training course on effective facilitation and engagement techniques as well as the opportunity to put them into practice at the leading platform for sustainable land use alongside UNFCCC COP 22 in Morocco on November 16 this year.

To apply, please fill in this form.

Applications are limited to students and young professionals under the age of 30, preferably working or studying in areas related to development studies. For more details, email Natalia Cisneros at

More information here!

Sure We Can, a sustainability hub in Brooklyn, has three internship openings for the Fall Semester.
Sure We Can is a recycling center, community space and sustainability hub in Brooklyn where canners (people that collect cans and bottles from the streets to make a living) come together with students and neighbors through recycling, composting, gardening and arts. Their mission is to support the local community, particularly its most vulnerable residents, and to promote social inclusion, environmental awareness and economic empowerment.

The intern will focus on growing and commercializing our home-made compost. This position is for 12-15 hours a week and a minimum of a three-month commitment.


  • Assist on-site compost processing and bagging.
  • Initiate improvements to the process as necessary.
  • Identify and reach out to business channels.
  • Coordinate with retailers and buyers.


  • Interest in environmental sustainability. Experience in compost processing and/or commercialization preferred.
  • Willingness to assist and participate in miscellaneous projects.
  • Enthusiasm and proactivity.
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently.
  • Open to being a part of a diverse workplace environment.

The intern will focus on spreading awareness of our organization and programs. The position is 12-15 hours a week and a minimum of a three-month commitment.


  • Maintain and improve our social media strategy.
  • Develop content, including pictures, videos, articles for our social media and website.
  • Write and post items to our website and social media.
  • Identify new channels to promote our programs.
  • Design Google Ads campaigns.


  • Experience and interest in social media management.
  • Excellent writing, communication and organizational skills.
  • Enthusiasm and proactivity.
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently.
  • Open to being a part of a diverse workplace environment.

The intern will focus on growing our programs and fundraising. The position is 12-15 hours a week and a minimum of a three month commitment.


  • Research and identify potential fundraising opportunities with corporations and foundations.
  • Write and develop proposals, reports, papers to support fundraising.
  • Streamline and record strategies for each program.
  • Conduct outreach to increase donors, volunteers and visitors.
  • Help build and coordinate corporate volunteer program.


  • Interest in non-profit development. Experience in development and fundraising preferred.
  • Excellent writing, communication and organizational skills.
  • Enthusiasm and proactivity.
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently.
  • Open to being a part of a diverse workplace environment.

The benefits of working with Sure We Can are:

  • The opportunity to be a vital part of a growing social justice and environmental sustainability organization.
  • Field experience about composting, recycling and social inclusion work.
  • Daily lunch and transportation costs provided.
  • May be applicable for college credit.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and letter of interest to Please include
the name of the internship opening in the subject line.

General Advice from one Seeple to another

This is the time of year when people ask  for advice about where they can find help with their writing, so here you can find some useful information:

  1. Office of Student Affairs provides student writing tutors. Please go to them to get the names of this year’s tutors.
  2. Appointments can be made at the Columbia College writing center You are allowed two hours a week at no charge. One is a dropping session and the other can be booked in advance.
  3. For foreign students, there is the  American Language Program at Columbia University’s School of Continuing Ed.
  4. IMAC has some lectures on basic writing and reporting on the IMAC pages of SIPA’s website. link here or use
  5. For more advanced writers, IMAC offers courses on subjects such as writing on international affairs, writing on policy and writing with an international dateline. See our course listings for more details. Kindly note these are not ESOL courses.

In the News 📰

What Do the Presidential Candidates Know about Science? Each candidate scored…

Isaura Espinosa de los Monteros (

Will Jordan (

SIPA Environmental Coalition (ECO) Communications Co-Directors

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