Statement of Support for CDCJ Low Library Sit-In

We, the board of the SIPA Environmental Coalition (ECO) at Columbia University’s School of International & Public Affairs, fully support our fellow students who are currently occupying Low Library. Columbia Divest for Climate Justice (CDCJ) is on the right side of history.

ECO, a coalition of SIPA graduate students and alumni, is dedicated to elevating the profile of the world’s most complex environmental policy challenges. The university’s continued investment in carbon-intensive industries puts us behind our peer institutions, threatens the university’s reputation, and, in a decarbonizing economic system, will offer less impressive returns. Our investments should reflect our research and our values.

Moreover, as students at a university with a proud tradition of free speech, civil disobedience, and political action, we are troubled by recent threats made against the protesters by university administrators. If the administration chooses to enact any academic penalties, suspend, expel, or take legal action against them, the students will have our continued support.


The Board of the SIPA Environmental Coalition (ECO)
‪#‎InSolidarityWithCDCJ‬ ‪#‎TimesUpCU‬

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