ECO News, Jobs, & More – Week of May 5th

unnamedMay 5th, 2014

Happy Monday ECO members and fans! Take a look at a few career related opportunities for this week.

We would like to thank you for your continued interest in our newsletters throughout the semester, and good luck finishing everything up!



Please don’t wait with signing up for our EE-CGEP Spring Fling, on Thursday May 15, 6:00pm – 9:00pm at the Faculty House, Ivy Lounge. Please  sign up on the EE Courseworks page (under sign-up).


The North American Student Energy Summit (NASES)
When: June 19-20, 2014
New York City (UN and Columbia University)
The NASES is a forum that will focus on today’s pressing energy issues and the role that students will play in addressing them, both in the regional and global context. This event will also be linked to four other summits hosted by Student Energy taking place on the same day across the globe in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The 300 delegates at this event will have the unique and exciting opportunity to connect with an intimately local and extensively global network of driven peers and industry leaders looking to learn and engage in the future of the energy sector. The summit will also serve as the capstone event of New York Energy Week’s ‘Student Energy Day’.

Schedule and speakers are on the website


Application – CUCSD COP20 Delegation

Deadline: May 15 – 11:59pm. The Columbia University Coalition for Sustainable Development is organizing a school-wide delegation to attend the United Nations Conference of Parties this year, from December 1-12, in Lima. Members of the delegation will also attend capacity-building events and network with main actors in the climate change field, and are expected to post contributions in our blog during and after the Conference. We will work to get funding to cover travel expenses, but applicants should consider that they may have to bore the costs of attending the Conference.

Application Process: To apply to the CUCSD COP 20 Delegation, please send your cv to Also add a cover letter stating why you want to attend COP 20, ideas to engage students after the Conference, and how do you plan to contribute with climate change mitigation/adaptation throughout your career.


Barrett Foundation $100,000 Sustainable Business Concept Challenge

Want to win $100,000?  Care about our environment?  The National Forest Foundation is sponsoring a business plan challenge with $100,000 available for innovative market-based solutions to natural resource issues affecting the U.S. Called the Barrett Foundation Business Concept Challenge, the competition attracts the best and brightest from universities around the U.S. to help our government solve challenges facing the natural resource system.

Have an idea around nature or the environment that you think could make money?  Want to obtain additional funding for your company that is already in market solving these challenges?  Then this is for you!

 Applications are open until 8:00 AM MDT, Monday, June 16, 2014 by submitting your business plan.


Earth Institute Internship Opportunity

Job Title: Summer 2014 Administrative and Research Intern, Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management

Application Deadline: May 5, 2014

Job Description: The Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management at the Earth Institute is seeking an intern to assist with administrative support and research projects. Intern’s major tasks will include media outreach, fundraising, and grant writing. The intern will also support the Research Program’s initiatives, conducting research for reports, case studies and presentations, and support the planning and execution of research projects, events, seminars, and special programs.

The Earth Institute at Columbia University is the world’s leading academic center for the integrated study of Earth and its environment, human society and the interaction between the two.  The Earth Institute is a consortium of more than 750 scientists, post-doctoral fellows, staff and students working in and across more than 30 Columbia University research centers and programs. Its overarching goal is to help achieve sustainable development primarily by expanding our understanding of the Earth as one integrated system. The Earth Institute works toward this goal through scientific research, education and the practical application of research for solving real-world challenges.

Skills Required: The position requires excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. The candidate must be able to work in a fast-paced environment while remaining organized and precise in order to deliver under multiple deadlines. The candidate must be able to multitask, work independently and as part of a team on several projects.  The candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and social media.  Applicants should be highly motivated, professional and detail oriented. A strong interest in the environment and sustainable development is preferred, but not required.

Internship Details:  We are looking for an intern to join us for summer 2014, with the potential to extend through the fall semester of the academic year (with the option of increasing or reducing hours as needed). Extended duration is dependent on performance in the position. Candidates should be available to work 10-35 hours per week and will be compensated $15 per hour.

Requirements: Undergraduate and graduate students at Columbia or Barnard welcome to apply.

To Apply: Please send a resume and cover letter to Kelsie DeFrancia at by Monday, May 5, 2014.


Please take a look at these various positions currently available through the NYC Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning & Sustainability – Click here for more information

Position 1: The NYC Carbon Challenge Internship is available from June 2014 – August 2014. 

The City launched the NYC Carbon Challenge as a voluntary program for universities and hospitals to match City government’s own goal to reduce emissions by 30% in ten years. In 2007, 17 universities signed on to create GHG emissions inventories and climate action plans to achieve these reductions. 11 hospital systems joined the NYC Carbon Challenge in

2009, and in 2013, 12 global companies and 13 residential property management firms also joined. The New York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability seeks an intern to manage the NYC Carbon Challenge for universities and hospitals and support the NYC Carbon Challenge Coordinator on other tasks. Internship responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  •     General management, communication, and outreach for the NYC Carbon Challenge to universities and hospitals
  •     Technical assistance to university and hospital participants to support their carbon reduction efforts
  •     Development of simple reporting and tracking tools
  •     Data compilation and analysis of participants’ progress
  •     Marketing and promotion through press events, online case studies, and social media outreach


Position 2: The Greener, Greater Building Plan Internship is available from June 2014 – August 2014 

In 2009, the City of New York (City) enacted a comprehensive effort, called the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP), which targets energy efficiency in large existing buildings. The City’s signature effort in energy efficiency is an internationally recognized, industry-transforming policy. GGBP is designed to ensure that information about energy is provided to decision-makers and that the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures are pursued. To learn more, please visit: This internship will focus on two of the four legislative components of GGBP: Local Law 84 – Benchmarking (LL84), and Local Law 87 – Audits and Retro-commissioning (LL87). The intern will work within the OLTPS Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency team under supervision of the Deputy Director for Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency, and work closely with the City’s LL87 sustainability enforcement team. Specifically, the internship position will entail:

  •     LL84: Analyze and manage LL84 data, advise on academic journal topics, coordinate with academic journal partners.
  •     LL87: Assist with management of the LL87 data that the City will receive for the first time. Extract meaningful data from PDFs into Excel, and organize large amounts of data. Set a sustainable framework and methodology for future data collection and analysis. Conduct preliminary data analytics to understand data set. Develop strong understanding of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Level 2 energy audits. Link together LL84 and LL87 data for further analysis.


Positions 3 & 4: Resiliency Internship is available from June 2014 – August 2014 

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability is seeking a qualified individual to assist with the implementation of many of the initiatives laid out in the City’s resiliency plan, A Stronger, More Resilient New York. The plan, which contains 257 initiatives and 59 near-term milestones, contains actionable recommendations both for rebuilding the communities impacted by Sandy and increasing the resilience of infrastructure and buildings citywide. Working with a Program Manager, the intern will assist with all aspects of the implementation of resiliency initiatives, the development of resiliency metrics and the implementation of an effective tracking system to assist agencies in progress

reporting. Responsibilities include data acquisition from a variety of sources, management of data, working with agencies to facilitate tracking strategies, drafting material for the program, and other related tasks. The intern may also be asked to assist with other resiliency projects, as needed. Projects will be determined based on the intern’s skill set, but would primarily focus on the near-term milestones and initiatives identified in the report.


Position 5: GreeNYC Internship is available from June 2014 – August 2014 

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability is seeking qualified individuals to assist with brief independent research projects with the aim of adding to GreeNYC’s body of knowledge concerning the environmental impact of consumer products and behaviors. Assist with response management to GreeNYC’s communication streams. Provide overall support and management of day-to-day GreeNYC activities. Research and support in the development and execution of GreeNYC’s social media strategy including event coordination and production. Assist in the development of presentation materials for potential campaign sponsors and public events. Develop copy, proofread, and assist with production of media materials.


Position 6: Graphic Design and Communications Internship is available from June 2014 – August 2014

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability is seeking qualified individuals to assist with the graphical production (Reports, Pamphlets, Brochures and Maps) that support our respective initiatives outlined in the City’s comprehensive sustainability plan, PlaNYC. The Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability is seeking a Graphic Designer to assist in the execution of numerous reports and special graphical projects in support of PlaNYC and the City’s sustainability goals. Under supervision, the OLTPS Graphic Designer will perform the following functions:

  •     Manage digital workflow of all creative files and ensure accuracy of files from inception to pre-press and release
  •     Image compositing and retouching
  • Develop concepts and create multiple design options for review by the development team
  •     Use Adobe Creative Suite to create production-ready reports
  •     Create layouts for case studies and future reports
  •     Work with existing collateral to improve upon design/composition and prepare for production
  •     Use ArcGIS for spatial analysis of cities critical facilities; Assist on all special projects that contain a graphical component
  •     Assist outside graphic design teams on direct internal request.


Position 7: Energy and Greenhouse Gas Inventory Internship is available from June 2014 – August 2014

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability is seeking a qualified individual to assist with the completion of the City’s annual update to its comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory. The City’s first greenhouse gas inventory was completed in April 2007 prior to the release of PlaNYC, the City’s comprehensive sustainability plan, and was

used as the benchmark from which the City’s 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is based. To track progress made toward achieving this reduction target the City completes regular annual updates to its greenhouse gas inventory of emissions from both City government facilities and operations and the city as a whole. Working with a Senior Policy Advisor,

the intern will assist with all aspects of completion of the 2013 annual update to the city’s greenhouse gas inventory. Responsibilities include data acquisition from a variety of sources, management of large, complex datasets, analysis of greenhouse gas emission mitigation measures, development of New York City specific emissions coefficients, drafting a final

inventory report, and other. Working with a Program Manager, the intern will assist with all aspects of the implementation of energy initiatives and the development of metrics and the publishing of the Green House Gas Inventory.




Spanish Island Powered by 100 Percent Renewable Energy


U.S Nearing Approval of Next Generation of Herbicide-Resistant Crops


New Hopes for Getting the Lead out of Solar


Jennifer Goode
SIPA Environmental Coalition (ECO) Communications Director
MIA Candidate (2015), School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

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