Join the Earth Summit Leadership Team for 2014

Applications for next year’s Earth Summit team are now open! Join a stellar team in running the premier annual student-run environmental conference at Columbia University. Please submit your resume and a brief statement of interest to by May 1. You can find more information at

The Earth Summit is an annual, student-run, university-wide conference that brings together policymakers, business, and civil society to network, learn, and collaborate. The 2nd Earth Summit in 2013, Driving Collaborative Solutions, featured 3 keynotes, 7 panels, a social venture pitch competition, a clean tech early-venture Idea Lab, thematic networking lunches, a reception, resume book, and policy workshop. 

The target date for The 3rd Columbia University Earth Summit is April 4, 2014.

You will oversee the strategic planning and execution of the event from start to finish. You will manage and support the teams responsible for planning each component of the event (marketing, logistics, sponsorship, panels, and the Policy Workshop). Co-Directors plan and lead team meetings and communications, seek out strategic event partners, recruit and work with the Advisory Board, and are responsible for the final report to sponsors, advisors, and key stakeholders.

• Looking for: 2 Co-Directors

• Start date: May 2013

• Anticipated time commitment: Fall 2013 – 10 hours/week; Spring 2014 – 20 hours/week

Marketing and Communications Team 

This team is responsible for spreading the word about the Earth Summit through the event’s website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, print media, and other relevant channels. Team members will order all marketing and branded materials for distribution and will be charged with developing a media kit, as well as developing and managing an event web site. You will also be in charge of developing and implementing a marketing plan in conjunction with the Sponsorship Team, The Resolution Project, and the undergraduate team in charge of the social venture pitch competition. The Social Media Coordinator will manage a live Twitter feed during the event, website updates (video and photos), LinkedIn (job postings), and coordinating entries with our bloggers.

• Start date: May 2013

• Looking for: 1 Associate Director, 2 coordinators (Media Outreach, Social Media)

Sponsorship Team 

You will be asked to recruit Columbia and external sponsors for financial and in-kind support, ensure they receive credit on marketing materials, and manage sponsors at the event. You will need to work closely with the Marketing, External Logistics, and Internal Logistics Teams. The Sponsorship team will be asked to contribute to the final report distributed to sponsors and advisors.

• Start date: May 2013

• Looking for: 1 Associate Director, 1 coordinator

Panel Team 

You’ll be in charge of organizing the panels at the event. You will put out the call for panel organizers, identify speakers with the support of Columbia student groups and professors, and be the focal point for speakers, The Resolution Project, and undergraduate social venture pitch competition teams.

• Start date: May 2013

• Looking for: 1 Associate Director, 1 coordinator

Internal Logistics Team 

You’ll liaise with Columbia facilities and catering to coordinate and determine the room layout and event food. You will also be responsible for setting up signage, recruiting and organizing volunteers to staff the event, as well as overseeing finances (budget, payments, and vendors, in coordination with Columbia staff and the Sponsorship team). This team will also be in charge of working with the A/V department to ensure all equipment and cables are present, as well as recruiting and coordinating with the photographers and videographers to ensure audio and video are recorded at the event.

• Start date: October 2013

• Looking for: 1 Associate Director, 2 coordinators (Volunteers,

External Logistics Team 

This team is in charge of launching the registration platform, managing ticket sales, and admission and check-in at the event. You will also be responsible for coordinating the resume book, as well as booking external restaurants for working lunches and sponsorship dinners. This team will also work closely with the Marketing and Communications Team for initial audience recruitment and the Internal Logistics Team to coordinate day-of admissions.

• Start date: October 2013

• Looking for: 1 Associate Director, 1 coordinator

Policy Workshop Team 

During the event, teams of students will attend sessions and summarize the conversations. The next day, these teams will gather at a policy workshop to draft proposals based on the Summit’s recommendations that will be sent on to relevant policymakers, businesspeople, and civil society leaders. The Policy Workshop Team will be in charge of recruiting and organizing the student teams, organizing the policy workshop the day after the Summit, and following up with the appropriate people and organizations to ensure that the recommendations move forward as concrete policy outcomes of the Summit.

• Start date: October 2013

• Looking for: 1 Associate Director

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