2013 UNEP TUNZA Youth and Environment conference By Alex Fankuchen

The 2013 UNEP TUNZA Youth and Environment conference brought together nearly 300 delegates from 100 different nations to discuss the relationship between health and the environment. The delegates, aged 15 to 24, representing environmentally-oriented youth organizations meet to both discuss their individual efforts as well as policy goals to promoting sustainability. ECO member Alex Fankuchen participated as both a delegate (representing the Earth Institute) as well as a presenter on behalf of the UNDP-UNEP partnership for E-Consultations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

The TUNZA conference, which has been held biannually since the seminal Rio conference of 1992, is an opportunity for UNEP to bring together representatives from its youth network. The network is reinforced by a quarterly, TUNZA Magazine, which has a readership of over 1 million.


Though each day of the conference had a distinct agenda, a few themes were highlighted throughout. The topic of “Food Waste and Food Loss,” which is being promoted by the “Think.Eat.Save” Campaign was discussed in the context of “sustainable consumption.” Members of UNEP staff, as well as other UN agencies such as the ILO and WHO conducted workshops through out each afternoon to build on morning plenary sessions.
By the end of the conference, the delegates had drafted a policy brief to be presented at the 27th Session of UNEP Governing Council meeting to be next week, also in Nairobi.
The policy brief produced by the youth conference can be found at:


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